Thursday, April 18, 2013

True Craziness

Hi There,

Sorry to leave anyone hanging---we came back from Haiti on Saturday. I woke at dawn, in a mosquito net and humid, sweaty bunk in Hinche, Haiti. Packed bags went into a van, and 3 airplane flights, 3 airports, later, at 1 am Sunday, we went to sleep in a lovely, carpeted room in Ashburn, Virginia, after a hot shower. This is the true craziness: just how close these 2 worlds can exist, and how far apart they can be. When I first started traveling to Haiti, the contrast was so extreme as to cause real emotional distress for me--probably similar to someone who has been in outer space! Now, it's ok. I have wrapped my head around it, at least as much as one can.
The message is only, that our neighbors-- our really close neighbors-- have a very different life. Thank you for knowing and caring about them with me. I have grown to love those neighbors, and try to help them when it's right. I feell so grateful that readers travel this journey with me. Without your support, without people who care, it would be a darker path. But truly; slowly, it's getting better in Haiti. God Bless us, every one.

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  1. Hi Wendy!
    I loved reading about your experience recently in Haiti and it sounds like you have been going for awhile! I just saw the film "Girl Rising," and it reconfirmed my desire to do something NOW about the situation of women in developing countries. It is a must see!
    So I am wondering about the need for birth doulas? If you have a moment will you email me your thoughts on that? I am a DONA-certified doula and hoping that that can be of use in Haiti. I am also fluent in French, and have a deep love for the Haitian people with a bestie who is Haitian and lots of natives working near my home in Connecticut. What are your thoughts about doulas in the births you assisted? And for the record...if I had a dollar for every woman who had to hear from me to RUN from their OB and switch to midwifery-care....:):):) hOw I ADORE my CNM's here, and am grateful for their amazing love and enthusiasm when 3/4 of my babies came to this world. KEep up the good work. God bless you for touching the future of this world through Haiti.
    Hugs from CT,
    Keri Bryant