Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Story of Felos

When we were here last November, we sponsored a street kid named Felos. He's an orphan who showed up at a rural field clinic with a badly infected burn. Twelve yeas old, with no parents or school, he lived literally hand to mouth . Our group of volunteers managed to enroll him at Maison Fortune, a local school/orphanage, where he now lives. We visited Maison and saw Felos on Tuesday.

He has grown and matured so much! And it makes me realize that his body was just waiting ( screaming?) for nutrition so he could grow. Now that he's fed 3 times a day, his adult teeth are coming in, he grew a couple inches, and he just looks different. Maybe it's the big smile, too! He is learning his alphabet and how to spell his name. He proudly showed us his bunk, and beside it hangs the canvas "Midwives for Haiti" bag I packed for him to take with him to Maison Fortune, when we left. It's a little dusty-- like all things here. In the states, our kids backpacks often contain electronics and packaged foods...maybe a cell phone! Felos' pack had t-shirts, underwear, toothbrush, notebook, pencils, and a set of sheets. But he sure looks happy now. It's going to be a challenge to help this kid succeed in life, but we have at least increased his survival and his happiness factors. He has school shoes, but wishes for a pair of sandals, and his feet are getting almost as big as mine. So when we leave,I think my Tevas, with the adjustable Velcro straps, will work great. Then, he can think of us when he wears them. We think of him a lot, too.

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