Friday, November 6, 2009

Short-term Memory Loss and Recovery

Wow! Part of the beauty of a blog is the dynamic, day-to-day ability to post new information, or to correct mistakes! I had forgotten since March that a 3rd bag can be taken on the airlines, for $100 extra. I am over 50 now, and boy, it shows in the short-term memory lapses. I use a small notebook, every day, as my portable memory of things to remember!
So, corrections to the Algebra Problem:
Wendy Can take three bags, #300 pounds, of stuff, as long as the extra $100 is available as well. I can't even compute the cubic inches-- let's not try!
Other tweaks to the wish list:
USED SCRUBS: The students were issued 1 set of scrubs, to wear when they are training at the hospital. They would greatly appreciate an extra set, each. Since laundry is done by hand in a washtub in one's back yard, and hung to dry on cactus bushes, the value of spare scrubs becomes obvious. See photos of students in scrubs, and of laundry being done in the alleyway. (These photos look much better when you click on them & enlarge them).
A Laptop computer is also needed for our new (second!) Haitian nurse-midiwfe teacher, if anyone has a "spare laptop"!.

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  1. Wendy, which airline is it that you fly? Maybe if enough of us appealed to them to help your charity mission, they would wave the surcharges?