Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Algebra Problem

Amazing friends, family and supporters, are now asking "What are the needs for the December trip to Haiti?" It's a tough answer, because I learned last time that, at best, I will be taking 2 maximum-size duffel bags, and one small carry-on. I pay an extra $100 each for each bag, each of which I pack to the 100 lbs capacity, and use my carry-on for my personal stuff. So it's like an algebra story probem: "Wendy can take #200 pounds of items to Haiti, packed into 6,750 cubic inches...items must be small, lightweight, and of high value to the Haitian mothers, midwives, and babies. What should she take?"

So here are the suggestions and wishlist so far. I also am trusting the astonishing power of concerned individuals to let their hearts lead them to the perfect act of kindness...over and over again, it happens, better than we can "plan" it.

*Financial donations are obviously the most liquid and portable of all. Checks written to "Midwives for Haiti" with "Dotson trip" in the memo line can be sent in through me, and used in multiple ways for needs as they arise.

* Medical supplies are coming in abundantly from salvage-concious nurses at both Prince William Hospital and Loudoun. Sterile, or ultra-clean, uncontaminated: gauze, gloves, cord clamps, suture, lidocaine, syringes, and suture.

* Baby supplies:
light receiving blankets
small soaps & shampoos
cloth diapers(nevermind the plastic pants-not used!)
Onesies of all sizes

*For the prenatal clinics:
Prenatal vitamins
Over the counter Iron supplements; ie, Slo-Fe,
Vitron -C

*For the students:
Lightweight White blouses, we could use 15-20 of them, varying sizes small-med-large, new or great condition
(The students wear a white blouse and dark skirt to class each day, getting an extra blouse would mean a lot to them.)
Gently Used Scrubs, various sizes
small pocket-size spiral notebooks
Baby doll and soft pelvis model, for teaching birth maneuvers(--any retired childbirth educators??)-could also be ordered from, Item # 53954, (costs $195).

For the orphanage where we will be staying:
Clean used children's shorts & t-shirts, dresses (It's always "summer" in Haiti!)
Small packages of crayons, chalk, small toys or school supplies.

Prayer. Any and all denominations and flavors! For our trip safety- health & security- wisdom. Success in our mission, that more mothers in the Central Plateau of Haiti will live to raise their families, through our help.

Thank You
Thank You
& Haiti thanks you

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