Wednesday, April 8, 2015

This is Why

Greg and I leave early this morning on Trip Eleven to Haiti....and this is why we do it!
From the Blog of Nadene Brunk , founder of  Midwives for Haiti..."Ten Things I Learned in Haiti"

It will be great to see Haiti friends on this trip...I no ask for a lot of things for donation, as there is a whole part of my house full of donated items.  Also,thanks to sister-projects such as Christy Turlington-Burns' "Every Mother Counts",  MFH has have more resources to help this work. ( Money still needed.  Oh yes.)   Yet, today there was an urgent email from Haiti with a list of items needed...then I went to Costco for ink cartridges, batteries, and Trail Mix!  My wonderful hospital administrators came through with syringes and alcohol pads.  My husband, Greg, is exhausted from remodeling our house, and now he comes with me to Hinche, to fix up the supply cabinets in Labor & Delivery at St. Therese Hospital.  I thank anyone who cares to come along on this-- it keeps on going and I do love to work in Haiti.  Nadene's Blog tells why....see you soon, in Haiti.!

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