Sunday, March 16, 2014

Nice Hotel, Haitian style

Maybe coming here so often has made me a wimp, or maybe just practical about surviving the experience repeatedly, but I'm liking the Nicer haitian places that cater to us out-of-towners.  Greg and I have often done an overnight in the Miami Airport Hotel. (Yes, the lobby is in concourse B!) But this time, we had a different idea.  We traveled all the way to Port au Prince in one long day with very little sleep...then got a taxi to one of the Nice Haitian hotels in PaP.  la Maison Hotel. 
How is it Nice? ,you may ask.
Oh, well!  it has Air Conditioning, hot water and wifi, and a TV!  
Now the funkiness, too.... It is made of concrete, and if you look behind the windows.  Yup, it is just a small concrete box, with a bed,  If there is a fire in the hall, we die.  Fireman Friends would not approve.  But we did!  We slept on clean sheets after a shower...we had great coffee for breakfast as well as fresh Watermelon Juice.  And we know we are secure...there is a mean-looking guard in the front courtyard with a shotgun.   We also know it's a popular place, as there is a nice Day Rate....$38 for 2.5 hours!  la Maison Hotel, Port au Prince Haiti...we recommend it!  Next stop, a workday in Port au Prince.  love from Haiti.

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