Thursday, March 21, 2013

Haitian "Vacation", #8....Same Old Song & Dance

Hi again. It's me: Your midwife friend who goes to Haiti twice a year and blogs about it. Now that I'm going on Trip #8, April 5-14, I'm challenged to come up with creative, entertaining ways to blog about the Needs List. Once the trip starts, the blogging is fun. I love to stay connected, and love that others find it interesting enough to read about my work there training Haitian midwives and doing development work as best I can in a crazy, impoverished place. I love that people pray for the work and for the people doing it. Love the many forms of support, and the sense that we share this thing together.
But, gee whiz... the random list of "stuff needed" has all the charm of posting my grocery list, except that sometimes, people actually donate "groceries" to the work, and that helps a LOT! But oh, so DULL!!! Can I make a video and sing and dance this? I have no shame when it comes to Haiti; I would do it...
Heck, I've got nothing else, so let's go there in our imagination:
Picture an empty stage, a spotlight, a lady in scrubs with a long, mostly-gray braid! She bows, clears her throat, and does a little a barely decent alto she sings:

Here goes Trip 8, isn't that great?
Want to help do this thing? That is what will make me sing!
I need some methergine, it's a drug that stops hemorrhage...
OH! and some gloves: any kind will do.
Non-sterile in a box, or sterile's good, too.

(Now I am twirling and kicking my feet!)

The pregnant girls up in the hills, would like some stuff to treat their ills:
TUMS are needed, for pregnant tummies
And a pouch of dried fruit they would find very yummy!
The midwives hope for hand sanitizer, and pregnancy tests
When they get in the pink Jeep, and drive to the west. (or north, east, or south)

15 Headlamps are needed, to help midwives on night
shift work in the dark, and do their work right!
And finally, need I remind you, honey--
that the most "liquid" kind of help is money! (checks to "Midwives for Haiti")

So then, if you'd like to help with donation,
the LCM office is just the location (Loudoun Community Midwives)
To drop off these things, and know that you're trendy
Helping train Haitian midwives, beside
Your Friend,

Addendum 3/28/13:
PS: And a lot of condoms



  1. I love this Wendy! And I love what you do for these women. You are wonderful!

  2. Such a cute song and so excited you are going again!!

  3. Great Song! You know you're my favorite singer, my honey, and I'm glad to be going with you again in April to help our friends there.

  4. Oh my. Who knew when we met those many (many)years ago that your talents would be so...uh,diverse. Here's wishing you well as you continue to make such a difference in this world. I will be holding you, Greg, and your beautiful babies of Haiti to the Light. With love and blessings from your very proud (and occasionally embarrassed) friend. :-)