Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Saving the Fridge and the Baby

Greg is downstairs planning an ice cream party with Cindy Bailey's daughter Meghann, who is a crazy- good Culinary Queen and caterer in New York. This is to celebrate our friendship with our Haitian staff and translators, as well as the fact that the refrigerator/freezer was only paralyzed and not dead. Greg defrosted the coils last night and resurrected it. Since it's such a novelty, ice is very popular with the Haitian staff here, and they were very concerned when the freezer made terrible noises and slushy ice yesterday. Ice Cream is super popular, and not for sale here in Hinche at all-- most Haitians have never had any- - but we have an old fashioned ice-cream maker, and bought the cream and milk in Port au Prince just for this purpose.

It was a big, big day...Greg went out on a rural Clinic with Cindy, and helped pass out medicine after Cindy saw her patients. About 90 people were seen and more will be there again tomorrow. Greg also became the distributor of lollipops, and ended up having to help police some boys who decided they wanted seconds and thirds, and would harass him to get them-- until the Haitian driver chased them off swinging his belt!

I worked at the hospital, helping observe and teach the students. Before 2 pm, I helped a newborn breast-feed, discussed steroid medication for a mom with a twin pregnancy and preterm labor, helped the students get ready for a normal birth and checked their skills. then I first-assisted the new Obstetrician on a C-section, my first surgery in Haiti. It went fine-- despite old, beat up equipment, they had the needed sterile supplies ( NON-disposable), and skilled people giving the care. The baby was premature, and volunteer Jessica worked Sooo hard to keep this little boy alive. The pediatrician we summoned agreed that he was working too hard to breathe, and Jessica went with them in a truck to the “big” hospital at Cange...she had to resuscitate him numerous times on the way...and she came home in tears, worried over this kid that may not live, and so sad for the ones who never even get a chance. I pray he makes it, and it will be thanks to her, and God,if he does.

Long day, nice night. We were dinner guests at Father Jacques' house. Fried plaintains, papaya juice, spicy cabbage salad called picklese, and white wine were my favorites. Tomorrow, more hospital work, and ice cream. At least, that's the plan. The fridge, and the baby, are alive. One day at a time.

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