Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Land of Slow and LImited Internet

My laptop is already in my backpack, so I can head out of the house at
4 am for the 6 am flight to Miami and then Port au I'm
using a very old laptop of my huband's...his good one is in the shop.
And while I waited for this elderly machine to boot up, and felt
impatient... I had to stop and remind myself that I'm headed into the
Land of Slow and Limited Internet. All the coffee shops or hotels,
etc. around here boast "Unlimited Wifi"...well, that's not the deal in
Haiti, so here I go....time to sit and wait a while for a signal.

I have a lot to do in Haiti, and am happy to be seeing a lot of folks
I truly care for, down there. Tomorrow, I'll be shopping to equip a
new maternity center in a little village that has never had such a
thing , before...and see some friends at Heartline Ministries. It's a
hard week to get ready...trying to wrap up all the loose ends here,
and still look ahead to the work of the week down there...but when the
airplane lifts into the air above the water in Miami, and I turn off
my American cell is a little easier, as it's just a
"one-lane highway", then. I will be thinking of you all in the
States, and appreciate you thinking of me. There is SO much to get
done this week, and using the time well is a pressure in my mind all
the time. But for now, it's just time to go, and hope and pray for
good things to come. Thanks for caring about this work in Haiti. Off
we go-- holy cow-- Trip 5!

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  1. Wendy, I can't wait to hear more about your trip!
    Oh and thanks for knowing my full name when you introduced me to your husband last week at IHOP. That meant so much to me to know my midwife knew my full name! :-) I know it doesn't seem like much but I don't think that any of my other doctors would know my name if they saw me in public but I can count on the LCM's to know me!
    -Laura Brownstein