Thursday, April 1, 2010

(Very) Godmother

So, I'm a godmother. Theard and Woodline, in Pandiassou, Haiti, asked me to be godmother to their new baby girl, Woodmica. I had several prenatal visits with Woodline during this past pregnancy during my December and March trips, and Theard says it was her choice to ask if I could be the GM. She was attended in her birth by Reina, our American midwife who is teaching for Midwives for Haiti in Hinche, and all went very well, they say. I am so happy for their family, and happy to have the long-term connection, honor, responsibility. A friend asked me, "So does this mean you'll have to keep making trips back to Haiti?"...and I said,well, I think I was already at that point. This just kind of encourages me. I guess I'm in pretty deep, and it feels ok. If someone wants a big project, where there's a lot of need, and room to do good....Haiti is perfect for finding out just how much one can give or commit to serve. There is no bottom to that well, it seems.

I have many nephews and 2 sons and only one I have a big urge to go buy some cute girl baby clothes. A very big urge. Very "Godmother".

But a baby, a family...this is now not just about a nation. It's very personal. And that is why this connection and commitment to Haiti has grown for me: it's not about politics, or about the masses. It's about individuals. Our actions, our giving, our commitments, can have far-reaching effects for towns, regions, populations, nations, societies, and generations. But the doing of it all, of doing good and right (or wrong) takes place one person, one day, one moment, one action at a time. This is one family I can commit to always try my best to help. One baby. My new god-child: Woodmica Elficasse.

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